Fundraiser for Joanne

I had a meeting at my house today to plan for our fundraiser.  Thank you to everyone who came and helped.  It was a great meeting.  We have a couple areas that we need help with.  We would like to add some items to our fundraiser that would appeal to men or households ex. certificates for golfing, gun ranges, carpet cleaning, pest control, movies, restaurants etc.  Please ask around and see what you are able to have donated.  See contacts below for places to take donated items.  We will need help spreading the word by facebook and also by word of mouth.

Some important dates that we have planned:
  •   April 7th-  We plan to collect donated items by this date (certificates or donated items). They can be given to me (Cari Ludlow) or Becky Smith-contact info below
  •  April 7th-May 5th :  Money collected in person or online.  For each $2 donation, 1 name will be entered for drawing.
  • Cari Ludlow: (coordinator)
  • Becky Smith: (pickup or drop off items for fundraiser)
  • Josette Kerr: (collect money for fundraiser)
Important information about gift certificates donated by an individual (not required if it is coming from an established business):
  • Please include an expiration date.  Dates are up to the person donating the service
  • Please have it signed and dated